Women with a preference for being with a take-charge man may well not have any interest in being spanked per se – or indeed in discipline per se. But they might well respond sexually to the real control Noone is talking about. For those women, there is nothing misogynistic, Fascistic, or in any way chilling about this piece. This is not the first time I've felt sexually aroused by one of your articles - what you say speaks to my erotic soul. I love how you just leave out all explanations of "consensual nonconsent." After all, haven't we already analyzed consensual nonconsent in excruciating detail? Why would we include such analysis in every article, especially when it would take away from the feeling of the piece?

Until I read Noone's comments explaining what he means by “the rape aspect of discipline” (another idea I find erotic!) I had been thinking that I have no interest in being spanked, and that I'd particularly hate being put over a man's knee and handspanked. Until I read his comments, I thought that that sounded humiliating and infantalising, and the idea of being a little girl put over daddy's knee does nothing for me at all. I think of myself as a powerful woman, not a little girl. But when I read this piece, I suddenly stopped finding the OTK idea off-putting. But I am no more attracted to the little girl idea now than I was before, so it must be the control implied by Noone's comments that appeals to me. And I know, from the mail I get, that this is true for many other Taken In Hand readers too. And, hey, any article that can make me want something I have never remotely been able to see the appeal of before must be quite something! :-) Just a word about reading, eating, drinking, etc., as an escape from an unsatisfying relationship: it's the need to escape from your relationship frequently that indicates an unhealthy relationship or at least an unsatisfied need. I don't think Noone is implying that there's anything wrong with reading novels per se, especially if they're good literature. There's nothing wrong with a little "escape" now and then, if you love the reality that you come back to.

by Sarah Cavendish on 2004 Aug 28 - 12:27 | reply to this comment Beautiful, Noone! Melanie

by Melanie on 2004 Aug 28 - 15:08 | reply to this comment Life's luggage It's interesting with this article (as with many others) to read the varied replies, and how the luggage we each of us pick up as we go through life colours our replies. Especially with an article like this where some aspects are implied (or not, depending on how it's read).

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